Stella Kuonji
久遠寺 星 (Kuonji Stella)
Screenshot 2
Also Known As Bloody Alice
Biographical Info
Gender Female
Birthplace Unknown
Age 15
Hair Color Dark brown to black when normal, Bright Blonde when in 'Bloody Alice' mode
Eye Color Brown when normal, Blue when in 'Bloody Alice' mode
Affiliation Info
Allies Zeno, Tsukito, Melm
Enemies Clarie, Marè, Ibara, Olga, Sid, Sol
Occupation Student
Weapon Machine Gun, guns in general
Status Alive
Manga Debut chapter 1

Stella Kuonji is the main protagonist of Kakei no Alice. She comes from the noble and rich Kuonji family


Stella talks rather bluntly usually, even going as far as admitting to having a server 'brother' complex when turning down Tsukito in the first chapter. She can get rather flustered and childish when she's with her older 'brother' Zeno. She has a strong sense for justice or at least loyalty and finds this whole 'murder' game to be just plain insane.

Her Alter Ego 'Bloody Alice' has more of a blunt personality and can talk rather tauntingly and agonizingly, wanting to get a reaction out of her opponent. She usually appears when Stella's life is in danger.


In her regular form Stella has wavy dark brown hair that goes to her breast with chocolate brown eyes. her hair is usually worn either down or in twin tails.

As Bloody Alice her hair turns bright blonde and goes to her thighs, her eyes also turn a clear blue color.


Stella's past before becoming an orphan are currently unknown. What is known so far is that her parents both died on a plane crash when she was 4 or 5 years old. It was also on that plane that she originally met Zeno. Both of them gained the scar on their right hands as the plane blew up and a giant screw pierced their right hands while Zeno shielded her. Afterwards both of them ended up in the same orphanage and later on were adopted by the Kuonji family. It is unknown if they had any prior relation before being on the plane as well.



  • Stella's name is latin for "star", as well as the kanji "星" for "star" as well. Stella's surname contains the kanji kuon "久遠" means "eternity", ji "寺" means "temple". her surname altogether means "temple of eternity".
  • Her Alter Ego 'Bloody Alice' is based off Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Her connection to Tsukito is currently unknown.
  • So far only her 'alter ego' takes over her and gives her a 'new' appearance and personality.